Our Story

Hi! We are the Alvarez family. We are Northern Colorado natives who after moving away for college decided Northern Colorado is a pretty amazing place and chose to raise a family here. We have three kids- Elena, Natalia and Leo. We also have animals, I don't know how many... We are so very blessed with the incredible community we get to live in, a beautiful place to raise our kids, and the fact that we get to share this all with people every day. We give all glory to God. 

What you should know about The Farm at Sparrow Hill...

The Farm at Sparrow Hill currently has two primary ventures:

Beverage Animals- We are home to the Sparrow Hill Beverage Burros– Northern Colorado’s premier beverage serving donkeys. We also have Beverages with Beethoven- our Valais Blacknose Sheep, and our Beer Steers- beverage serving mini highland steers.  Our beverage animals are a great addition to any event, the perfect ice-breaker, and are always a fun photo opportunity!

Sheep- We are currently breeding Valais Blacknose Sheep. Besides being considered “the cutest sheep in the world” Valais Blacknose sheep are a rare breed of sheep that have recently been introduced to the USA. We are currently breeding to reach purebred status and crossing our Valais Blacknose sheep with the beloved Babydoll sheep to create what we call Blacknose Dolls™. We will have lambs available for sale starting in the Spring of 2023! 

We also keep a small flock of registered babydoll sheep we are breeding with spotted rams to create spotted babydolls! 

In addition to having well-mannered animals, and breeding the “cutest sheep in the world,” our animals have been used for photo shoots, engagements, weddings, and events. Being insured, and having professional equine handlers, we are often approached with various requests and opportunities making this business versatile.

We have also hosted various events and used our animals in varying capacities. We are grateful to be a host for people in our Northern Colorado community, and love using our farm and animals to create memorable experiences.