Blacknose  Dolls   

Valais Blacknose Sheep

Babydoll Sheep

Cutest sheep in the world available in Northern Colorado; who needs a dog anyway?

2024 Blacknose DollsLambs

Coming April, May, and October of 2024!

Email us if you would like to be on our list when more lambs are available!

Photo: @apv_foco

This springs available lambs will be considered F1's -- 50% Valais Blacknose and 50% Babydoll

F2 lambs will be available in the Fall of 2024

 All lambs will be registered with the Valais Blacknose Sheep Society (VBSS)

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Purebred Valais Blacknose

PV Bentley is our purebred ram from Pure Valais. He is a handsome guy coming from great genetics! He will be the sire of our flock this coming year of 2024.  

Babydoll Ewes

Our NABSSAR registered Babydoll ewes are excellent mothers, and we are so excited for their babies this year! These girls have cashmere-like wool, are friendly, polled, and hardy little sheep! We can't say enough wonderful things about this teddy-bear like breed. 

Our ewes are registered foundation ewes with the Valais Blacknose Sheep Society (VBSS). 

The Creation of Blacknose Dolls™

About Valais Blacknose Sheep and Breeding in the USA

We are so excited to be starting this journey with Valais Blacknose Sheep!

Valais Blacknose Sheep are extremely hardy sheep native to the Swiss Alps Region and are accustomed to harsh mountain conditions. They are a large breed raised for meat and wool.

They are fluffy and white with black on the nose, eyes, ears, knees, hocks, and feet. They have beautiful helical or spiral shaped horns, and their friendly nature and cute appearance has given them the recognition as being the “cutest sheep in the world.”

The United States restricts the importation of live animals, so the Valais Blacknose Sheep (VBS) have been brought to America through semen --using Laproscopic Artificial Insemination, or through embryos --using Embryo Transplants. In order to breed VBS in the US with semen, an established sheep breed and breed-up program is used to reach 97% status to be considered purebred VBS.

First generation is an F1 (50% Valais), second generation is an F2 (75% Valais), third generation is an F3 (88% Valais), fourth generation is an F4 (94% Valais), and the fifth generation is an F5 purebred (97% Valais).

We have loved and admired this rare sheep breed for some time, and we adore their sweet nature, ability to make wonderful pets, fluffiness, and the fact that they truly are the cutest sheep in the world!

Where we come in, and our Babydoll Sheep

Meanwhile, we also adore our sweet Babydoll Sheep! What’s not to love about their cashmere-like wool, smiling faces, and friendly demeanor. These wooly teddy-bear face sheep are also known for being great moms, and amazing pets. They are recognized as “smiling sheep” because they appear to always be smiling, and with their gentle nature they are a joy to own!

Hence the reason for….



Valais Blacknose/Babydoll crosses are such an ideal mix. Babydolls are smaller more compact sheep, polled (no horns), have sought-after wool, and are friendly. Valais are adorable in their fluffy appearance, have amazing wool, and are friendly too! So of course, a cross of these two sheep is inevitable.

Stay tuned as we start this journey of cute, smiling, fluff-ball sheep we’ve named Blacknose Dolls.